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5 Spring Wellness Trends to Try

Summer is almost within reach, and chances are you’re thinking about looking and feeling your best. I know I certainly am! With baby girl’s big debut any day now, I’m soooo looking forward to getting back on track with…


8 Healthy January To-Do’s

The holidays have come and gone, and you may be feeling that extra Christmas cookie, the one-too-many glasses of wine and Mom’s best-ever casserole as you attempt to squeeze back into your jeans. But the good news is, you’re…


How to Do the 21-Day Fix

It’s summer. And that means swimsuit season is upon us. By now, you’ve either got your bikini body, or you’re desperately wishing you took spring a bit more seriously. That’s where the 21 Day Fix comes in. If you’re…


How I’ve Mastered the Early Morning Workout

I hate when people profess that they’re “not a morning person.”  No one is truly a morning person. Sure, some people have a harder time in the mornings than others. But mornings are naturally some level of hard for…

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The Month of Fit (and other updates)

Well, January ended quickly! I can’t wait for winter to be over, but I also need to take advantage of ‘sweater’ season to truly get in shape. Ever since moving back to Chicago (from Indy), it’s been a consistent…


Staying Healthy On the Road

This week I’m in Vegas to attend a trade show for one of my clients. The. Whole. Week. From travel itself, the long hours and indulgent (and often very late) client dinners to time zone differences and living out…

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