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My Midwest Getaway in Door County, WI

Anyone who has been to Door County, WI knows it’s a magical place. Tucked away in the WI peninsula, its serene waterfronts, beautiful wildlife and charming local culture make it a great place for a Midwestern getaway. Every summer,…


My Last Minute Trip to Riviera Maya

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to spend five nights and six sunny days in Riviera Maya, Mexico with my sister.  And less than four weeks before that, we booked the trip on a whim. Winter had us…


Italy Recap Part 2: Rome

I can’t believe it’s already been almost six months since we got back from Italy. On the one hand, I remember it like it was yesterday. But on the other, it makes me itch for another trip!  (And don’t worry,…


Planning My Spring Getaway: Charleston

Trip planning is my new favorite hobby. If anyone needs help hashing out an itinerary for their upcoming vacation, I’m your girl! I could get lost in reviews, restaurant menus and Airbnb searches for hours upon hours. I also…


Staying Healthy On the Road

This week I’m in Vegas to attend a trade show for one of my clients. The. Whole. Week. From travel itself, the long hours and indulgent (and often very late) client dinners to time zone differences and living out…

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Italy Recap Part 1: Positano

Positano, Italy is straight out of your imagination. It’s literally a tiny town on a cliff in the Amalfi Coast, with the Mediterranean Sea at its base. How much better can it get? Our hotel balcony at L’Ancora. (Yes,…