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Looking Your Best at the Office

I once read that women who wear heels in the workplace are more likely to be taken seriously. Now this was years ago when I first started working full-time, so I have no doubt the stats have changed. Especially…

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5 Ways to Rock a Fur Vest

 Despite global warming having us Chicagoans enjoying higher-than-normal temps, my winter fashion cravings have remained the same. And that means the fur vest is tooootally back, kids! Two things about this: (1) you can buy one for cheaper than…


Fall Want List

New season, new must-haves. I pretty much always have the urge to shop, but it really increases as the weather changes. Suddenly, I have “nothing to wear” – my closet becomes a vacant wasteland of outdated clothes (ridiculous, I…

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How to Make a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all-the-rage on Pinterest right now. But where to begin? Trust me when I say I’m not crafty. And while I definitely think I have style, I’m not creative enough to come up with ideas like this…