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20 Things to Do in Chicago in the Summer

Summertime in Chicago just cannot be beat. We wait all year for the sun to come out and temps to rise, and from May – September, we do it right. Having lived in the city for nearly five years now,…


We LOVE the Holidays!

I’m so happy the holidays are here! I know many think we rush them with Christmas decorations now popping up the day after Halloween. I, however, am of the opinion that Thanksgiving and Christmas, two holidays that place an…

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Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Hold on to your pants, folks. ‘Cause I’m about to rock your world. Welcome, my friends, to Honey Butter Fried Chicken. After only being open for a few short weeks, this quaint neighborhood spot already has Chicago talking —…

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Sunday Dinner Club: Pizza, Pizza!

My life has basically been insane all summer. If you’re ever wondering, “Oh, where’s Jackie been?” the answer is one of the following: Profusely writing thank you note number 3824723923 Meeting with someone about something wedding-oriented Calling or e-mailing…

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A feel-good time & great grub

Exactly 7 weeks from last Saturday, I’ll be a Mrs.    I KNOW. Last summer I was all, “He’s never going to do it!” and then he did it, and now I’m here. Life happens fast, doesn’t it? Well,…