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Lemon Yogurt Bread

You guys. I can’t stop listening to Serial. I just can’t. It’s so riveting. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I highly encourage you to do so. And then say goodbye to the next 8 hours of your life.…

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Healthy Coconut Banana Bread

Oh how I  love everything coconut. Coconut ice cream, coconut oil, coconut yogurt and coconut macaroons. I even had a coconut mojito a few weeks ago…it did not disappoint. To continue my love affair with the hairy fruit (which…

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Avocado Pound Cake

Well hello there. I may need to reintroduce myself. I’m Laura, Jackie’s very lazy blogging partner. I’ve been on a record 7 business trips in the span of one month, coming home for only tiny windows of time. And…

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