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Sugar & Sage is where two city-dwelling friends – Jackie and Laura – share their food & life inspiration. Born from a simple food blog, Sugar & Sage has since turned into a home for delicious recipes, honest motherhood reflections and more – all brought to you by two career-driven ladies with a passion for making life lovely. Whether their favorite styling tricks, urban gardening adventures, or the best meatballs you’ll ever make, we hope you’ll find something here that inspires you, too.

Laura and Jackie

About Jackie

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Jackie is a new mama. Next to spending time with her family, Instagram is her favorite past-time. Her best kept memories are nights bellied up to a bar with loved ones. She believes in the power of a vacation (and sunshine.) She shamelessly loves nachos (and really, anything cheesy for that matter.) She listens to songs she likes on repeat until she no longer likes them. She has turned into a morning person, especially when that morning involves a Pure Barre class before the rest of the house wakes up. She is a digital VP by day, but being a mom is her proudest accomplishment.

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About Laura

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Laura day dreams about owning farm animals. She obsesses over office supplies and is sports talk radio super fan. Eggs are her favorite food. She thinks horses smell good and enjoys cleaning them almost as much as she does riding them. She always wakes up by 7 a.m. and is a sucker for old, grumpy British detective shows. She cares less about what other people think than most. She goes way too far when buying other people gifts. She is a notoriously loud talker and a die hard homebody. An aspiring entrepreneur, she hopes she and Jackie will open their own business one day – you can work on a small farm and run a mini PR firm, right?

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