5 Low-effort Ways to Detox

Oh, Sunday. You start out so promising — the second of two much-anticipated weekend days. But if you’re like me, by about 4:00 pm, you start to feel a little down. Down for the Monday ahead, the Friday that seems so far away and the bloat you feel from the weekend festivities.  Because let’s face it, by Sunday night, my pants are usually at their tightest.

So what’s a gal to do? Here are five easy (and suuuuuper low-effort) ways to detox as you start the work week.

  1. Double your water intake. But for real. My trick for this is an insulated cup at my desk that holds not one, not two but THREE glasses of water. I aim to finish two before lunch and two after. I’m telling you, it makes a huge difference.
  2. Limit your carbs. A la 21 Day Fix style, limit your carbs (we’re talking the breads, pastas, granola bars of the world) to one serving during one meal only. Then rely on veggie and protein-packed alternatives like zoodles, beans or riced cauliflower. Easily the quickest way to drop the extra bloat.
  3. Go alcohol-less for a minimum of three days. No wine, no beer, no booze. You’ll wake up earlier, sleep better, AND ditch the extra unwanted calories.
  4. Make Monday and Tuesday your hardest workout. It’s easy to want to give yourself a break at the start of the week, but that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Start out strong and you’ll feel like a million bucks by Wednesday — it’s that simple. 
  5. Drink ginger tea. This sounds weird, but this stuff seriously helps with bloating and digestion. Drink a cup a day and you’ll totally notice a difference.

What are your low-key detox tips?

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