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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I’m still an expectant mother. I’m now THREE DAYS past my due date — which is especially hilarious given I spent a good 16 weeks of my pregnancy on near bedrest due to pre-term labor symptoms. Clearly this little lady is going to do her own thing! 

But either way, at this point, I still consider myself a mama. And as my first Mother’s Day approaches, I feel like I’m joining a cool underground club of women who get to sport the ultimate badge of honor.

I imagine every mom has her own vision for how she wants to celebrate Mother’s Day. For some, it may involve a big celebration with family and generations of mothers. For others, it may be a quiet day with just the kids. Regardless of how she wants to celebrate, for the rest of us, it’s a chance to show her just how loved she is.

A Mother’s Day gift should not be a utility or a household item — pots, pans or cleaning items are totally off limits. In fact, it really shouldn’t be anything she needs, but instead, a treat — something she wants. Something she can spoil herself with. Something that may not have any real purpose besides making her happy.

So that’s what my gift guide is: a collection of items — some small, some larger — that I think will make other moms happy. Good luck, gifters!

  1.  Illume Sugared Blossom Boxed Hand Creme ($18). Illume hand creme (and candles!) are simply the absolute best. And if you need something else to go with this creme, their Go Be Lovely collection has tons of goodies.
  2. Sole Society Mini Blush Cross Body Purse ($50). I LOVE all things Sole Society. My husband says I’m addicted. While my adoration for SS first began with shoes, I’ve quickly discovered just how awesome their bags are. Work bags, weekender bags, clutches, you name it (I’ve bought it). This adorable blush purse is new on my want list and a perfect gift for Mom.
  3. Mama Bear Necklace ($32). If you’re a first time mama like me, you might want something commemorative like this necklace. Adorable and affordable, it’s a super cute and meaningful way to mark Mama’s first year.
  4. Lula’s Jewel Garden ($35). I got Laura a Lula’s garden for her birthday last summer and then purchased a few more as baby shower hostess gifts this year. They’re always beautiful when they arrive and such a fun, different gift. (Plus, succulents are hard to kill if you have a black thumb!)
  5. Gilia Swell Water Bottle ($53). If you haven’t heard about Swell bottles yet, they’re simply the best. Keep any beverage cold for hours on end and leave the world of plastic behind. It’s also a woman-owned company doing lots of great things.
  6. Mom Boss Apron ($20). Because even boss ladies can love to bake! A lot of people think modern women don’t cook with aprons, but I love my apron. It allows me to be a messy cook without having to get dressed all over again. And this one is perfectly empowering for a day behind the stovetop or oven.
  7. Paderno Spiralizer ($50). Introduce Mom to the world of spiralizing, and she’ll never go back! I got this for my mother-in-law last year, and she always tells me it’s one of her favorite kitchen items.
  8. Voluspa Wick Candle Trio ($40). Every woman loves candles. It doesn’t matter how many she has, because chances are, she still wants more. This beautiful trio set will undoubtedly make Mom’s heart flutter.
  9. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy ($40). Being pregnant has made me love baths more than any grown woman should. And this bathtub caddy looks like complete paradise. (If you really want to go all out, it’d pair well with #10!)
  10. Lush Pink Peppermint Foot Cream ($27). My sister got this for me when I first learned I was pregnant, and I’m officially obsessed! A little pumice scrub + this cream right out of the shower gives you that just-pedicured feeling, sans salon. And while you’re at it, this bath bomb is also adorable.

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