5 Spring Wellness Trends to Try

Summer is almost within reach, and chances are you’re thinking about looking and feeling your best. I know I certainly am!

With baby girl’s big debut any day now, I’m soooo looking forward to getting back on track with my fitness and wellness routine, and feeling more like myself. (I know, I know — it won’t ever be the same. And baby will keep me up all night. And it’ll be tough. But momma’s gonna’ try!)

So here are five wellness trends I’m into right now. What’s on your list?

1. Collagen

If you haven’t yet heard about this magical powder, you may be living under a rock. It’s been covered by nearly everyone by now — from CNBC to your fave Instagrammer. I was first convinced when my bro-in-law’s girlfriend told me she started taking it and her skin looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So, I purchased Vital Proteins grass-fed collagen and have been super excited to start taking it after baby comes. (VP says it’s safe for preggos, but I’m playing it safe.)

Though the collagen I purchased is from cows, I’ve also heard really good things about fish collagen in particular. If you’re not sure where to start, take a peek at Well+Good’s collagen buying guide here.

2. Opting for Tea vs. Coffee

This one is a combination of a couple things. First, since being preggers, I’ve traded my espresso-based lattes for tea lattes. Partly because I don’t need a caffeine overload, and also because I’ve preferred lighter bevys to coffee-forward drinks.

Second, in full disclosure — I’m drinking the kool-aid on this one. One of my clients is Teavana. After being onboarded to the business, I took it upon myself to master the art of loose leaf brewing (i.e. learn how to do it). It turns out loose leaf tea is SO. FUN. Not only is it fun to make (this tea maker is literally the best), but you can make your own blend based on your tastes, desired caffeine jolt, etc. I’ve really enjoyed it — both iced and hot — and it’s definitely become part of my routine.

3. Everything in Bowls

“Bowls” are visually hot on Instagram and Pinterest, and smoothie bowls in particular have been on the rise in the last year. But I’ve really enjoyed the idea of bowls as easy meal solutions — so pairing together themed ingredients with protein, quinoa or brown rice and veggies to create a well-rounded meal. Plus they’re excellent leftovers!

A few of my favorites: Greek Chicken (pictured above), Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper and Buffalo Chicken.

4. Guided Meditation

While going through a hard time in late 2015, I started talking to a life coach. Sounds weird, I know — but it seriously helped! She encouraged me to be smarter about setting goals, weighing my priorities and making time for myself. As part of that, I started a ritual of light morning meditation to center myself and ready myself for the day ahead.

A year and a half later, meditation is going mainstream through apps like Headspace. And though it’s a pay-to-play program, you can try it for free. 

5. Fitness Apps

Even though I’m SO looking forward to working out again, I know it may be disheartening at first, and I’m going to need some serious encouragement to get back in shape. I’ve heard many good things about a variety of fitness apps, but my sister swears by Aaptive. We’re talking a voice in your ear to keep you going — exactly what I need! 

Also a pay-to-play app with a free trial available. Here I come!

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