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First & Second Trimester Favorites

It’s hard to believe I’m officially in the third trimester! Now that I’m nearing the finish line, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my first and second trimester favorites. 

The first trimester is hard, because you’re 1) probably sick and 2) hiding your pregnancy for 99% of it. I told my family and close friends around 10 weeks, but didn’t tell work and my extended friends until 14 and 17 weeks. 

The second trimester — which my doctor said begins somewhere between weeks 12 and 14 — is the best. You’re starting to show, feeling better and sharing the good news with everyone you know. It’s fun and exciting. (Ours was a bit spoiled by some cervix news at 20 weeks, but hopefully that doesn’t happen to you.)

Some of these products were serious game changers for me. And because most of them were recommended by word-of-mouth, I’m keeping the train going and sharing here with you. 

Other mommies — what else should be on my list? I’d love to here yours, too!

Mamma Mio Tummy Butter – I weirdly got bad stretch marks during puberty, so was super nervous about getting stretch marks while pregnant. I did some preliminary research, and Mamma Mio kept coming up as one of the best prevention methods. Then I talked with a couple mommas at work and they both swore by it. One tub lasted me to week 24 (about 12 weeks of use) so I figure I’ll go through two or so more tubs until baby comes. I have not ONE stretch mark or line on my stomach, which is shocking!

Whole Foods Prenatal Gummies – When you feel like you’re going to throw up every second, the typical horse pill prenatals are not an option. These prenatal gummies were an absolute lifesaver for me. Though some days it was even hard to get these down, I was able to more regularly take them, which is super important — especially during the first trimester. Plus, they have DHA, which your doctor will tell you is vital.

Mommy’s Memorable Moments Journal – I am a journaler and always have been, so I knew from day one that it was important for me to record this journey. My mom got me this journal and I love it — it’s structured as daily, quick entries so you don’t feel like you have to write a saga every time you update it. Not that I even updated it daily, but it was fun to jot down quick little thoughts — movements I’ve felt, reports after each doctor appointment, finding out the sex, etc. (And P.S. – We made this a mommy AND daddy journal. Dads should journal, too!)

AG Maternity Jeans – I really spoiled myself with these. I know not everyone can stomach paying this much for maternity jeans, but for me, it was worth it. Because I’m a super skinny jean person, nearly all of my jeans didn’t fit right away. I tried the hair tie extender trick, but it only got me to week ~12. After purchasing a couple pairs of inexpensive maternity jeans and HATING the way they fit (I felt like a frump!), I sucked it up and went to a real maternity clothing store. I gravitated to AG jeans, and loved my first pair so much that I ended up buying a second. Now those are the only jeans I wear!

Lululemon High Times Leggings – I first saw another preggo blogger talk about these, and boy were these worth it. I’ve never purchased Lululemon leggings before because they’re just a little too pricey for me — I typically buy Athleta, Under Armour or even Target. But because of the strong recommendation (and the fact that even sweats were snug around my lower gut), I went for it. I ended up purchasing a second pair because I wore these SO much — I would be completely inconvenienced when they were in the wash. Now that I’m in the third trimester, they’re getting a bit snug, so not sure how much longer I’ll wear them. But I literally wore them from weeks 10 to 26, and I feel like I’ll wear them after baby comes, too. Definitely a good investment.

Van’s Lite Waffles – Okay, so this one’s weird. But during my first trimester when I was deathly sick, waffles were about the only thing I could eat. And not just any waffles — it had to be these Van’s waffles, cooked in the toaster 2X and topped with peanut butter and jelly. I ate one every. day. Since putting something in my stomach always made me feel better, this really helped me get going in the morning without being totally debilitated by morning sickness.

Snoogle – Self-described as “the mother of all pregnancy pillows,” and 100% accurate. I was given two different pregnancy pillows for my birthday in October (~week 10) — one that looked like a classic body pillow and then this one. I immediately gravitated towards the body pillow, because the Snoogle seemed intimidating. The body pillow quickly deflated in just four weeks and I started having bad hip pain at night from sleeping on my side. I then switched to the Snoogle and immediately noticed a difference. Still sleeping with it today! (Though the pain has come back — kind of inevitable towards the end.)

The Best-ever Mocktail – I recently posted about this on Instagram, but seriously, this bevy combo is key! Not that I’ve even craved booze, but sometimes you still crave the ritual of having a fun drink in your hand. Even the hub now requests this one. Best part? It’s literally so simple (and low-calorie!) One part juice (I used real fruit juice – like this one from Trader Joe’s), two (or more) parts La Croix (I like Grapefruit or Cranberry) and top with frozen blueberries. #nom

Victoria’s Secret Easy Plunge Bra – I literally wear this bra almost every day. My bras began becoming super uncomfortable towards week 12. I felt like I was falling out of everything and all I wanted to wear was a sports bra. This bra is amazing – it stretches as I grow, and a lack of a clasp on the back makes is sooo comfortable.

The Business of Being Born – The start of the second trimester starts to bring questions about where and how this journey ends in the delivery room (or at least it did for me). Known as a controversial documentary, this film helped me understand my options to ensure I am making the right decision for me, Dan and baby girl. Did it change the fact that I want an epidural? Or make me want an at-home birth? Nope. But I learned so much about the dangers of some of the drugs associated with labor, and about what I can and can’t expect in the delivery room. Labor is going to be such a stressful process, I think it’s important to be well-informed on all sides to avoid panic.  

GAP Maternity Shirts – Nobody does a comfy t-shirt or long-sleeve like the GAP. I am obsessed with these kind with the gathering on the sides. I bought them in v-neck, crew-cut and long-sleeve, and they’re literally all I wear. By buying a few primary colors, I can wear them with or under anything. And they stretch perfectly — so they fit me just as good now as they did at 14 weeks. Love!

Third trimester, here I come!

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