8 Healthy January To-Do’s

The holidays have come and gone, and you may be feeling that extra Christmas cookie, the one-too-many glasses of wine and Mom’s best-ever casserole as you attempt to squeeze back into your jeans. But the good news is, you’re not alone!

As cliche as it is, January is the best time to re-commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle because everyone is doing it. It’s so much easier to stay committed to a change like this when others are in the same boat — even if those others are folks in your social newsfeeds. It’s just plain encouraging.

For me personally, pregnancy can often feel like an excuse to throw healthy eating to the wind. An extra cookie? Why not?! Baby likes it. 

But now that I can’t work out or do any physical activity, and considering I’ve already gained 20 pounds at just 24 weeks, I, too, am re-committing myself to a strict healthy eating lifestyle.

So let’s dedicate the rest of this crappy winter to wellness. Are you with me?! Here are my favorite healthy living to-do’s if you’re looking to make a change.

  1. Do the 21 Day Fix. I’m telling you — there is no better way to re-dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle than this. It will not only jumpstart your weight loss, it’ll make you excited to eat healthy again. There are SO many good recipes online, and no, you don’t have to buy the program. See my how-to guide here and a few of my favorite recipes are here.
  2. Buy a class package. One of the best things I did last January was purchase a Pure Barre package on Gilt. Not only did I come to love Pure Barre, I saw results — fast. You will ALWAYS work harder in a class than you will on your own — plain and simple. And there are a lot of good deals around this time of year so you don’t have to break the bank.
  3. Eat breakfast. I’m SUCH a breakfast person, so it always shocks me when I learn just how many people don’t eat it — my husband included. Not only does eating breakfast jumpstart your metabolism, it can set the tone for what you eat for the rest of the day. Starting your day with my favorite egg muffins or overnight oats can help you avoid being so starved that you binge at lunch.
  4. Try a juice cleanse. Though I admit these are not for everyone, I enjoy doing one at least once per year — especially if it’s after I’ve binged on eating or drinking. This Evolution Fresh juice cleanse is my absolute favorite — it runs about $80, it’s only three days and you can buy all of the juices at Whole Foods. By the end of the third day, you feel totally refreshed and energized.
  5. Change your fitness rules. If you’re like me, you’re go big or go home (literally). It’s either a killer workout at the gym or nothing. But why? 15 minutes at the gym or even a short yoga session at home are always better than nothing. Make a commitment to be active every day. And it’s okay if some days that means an Orange Theory class, and others it means 15 means of pilates at home. I also love this 20-minute at-home workout from BuzzFeed.
  6. Treat yourself to new workout clothes. Okay so you’re probably not feeling your skinniest, strongest or fittest right now. But nothing makes me feel better about going to the gym than new workout clothes. Some of my favorites: sports bras from GapFit, leggings from Athleta or Nordstrom Rack and tops from Under Armour.
  7. Challenge yourself to morning workouts. Becoming a morning workout person takes time. But you can totally smart small and try pushing yourself to go before work just one or two days a week. Check out my tips for mastering the early morning workout here.
  8. Reward yourself. January can be pretty gloomy. As motivation for pushing yourself into this new healthy lifestyle, tell yourself you’ll get a reward if you get down to that goal weight or size — whether a new pair of shoes, nice dinner out with girlfriends or even a weekend getaway. Though at the end of your wellness stint, your improved figure will be reward enough, having a “treat” to look forward to during the process can sometimes be just the motivation you need to get through.

So let’s get to it! What are you other favorite healthy living tips?


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