My Midwest Getaway in Door County, WI

Anyone who has been to Door County, WI knows it’s a magical place. Tucked away in the WI peninsula, its serene waterfronts, beautiful wildlife and charming local culture make it a great place for a Midwestern getaway.

Every summer, my husband’s family vacations in Door County for a week. This has been a super cool tradition to become a part of. And though our family is now a bit too big for one house, this year’s trip was no less memorable! 


We stayed in three mini condos/townhomes in Skogland — a condo community just outside Sister Bay’s adorable waterfront. This place was SUPER affordable and just a short bikeride (or 15 minute walk) to the downtown area. We loved that it was quiet (and forced us to get some good exercise every day!)

Peninsula State Park Door County

Some of my favorite things about this trip included:

  • Bikeride in Peninsula State Park – Some of the most gorgeous views and home to the historic Eagle Tower (though it’s currently closed for renovation). 
  • Drink Coffee & Cookie Lady – My go-to coffee place, but also home to delicious breakfast and lunch sandwiches. A must-do!
  • Wild Tomato and Bier Zot – These two (separate places) share a roof and prime location right on the beach. Hit up Wild Tomato for lunch and then head over to Bier Zot for a refreshing brew. The quality of everything here was great!
  • Fred & Fuzzy’s – An authentic Door County experience! Drinks and eats right on the water. Not your five-star dining experience, but a fun place with live music and an unbeatable atmosphere.
  • Lure – We went here for a nice dinner out. The seafood is awesome!
  • Spot – An adorable clothing boutique in downtown Sister Bay. I went nuts here and bunch a bought of stuff – I seriously had to contain myself! The quality and affordable prices make it a great spot to get some unique things.
  • Wilson’s – Legendary ice cream in Ephraim. Not optional.
  • The Creamery – A super cute shop with wine, cheese, gelato, sandwiches and unique soaps. We didn’t eat here (though it’s totally on my list for next year), but it was really cute inside. 
  • Cherry Picking at Falcon Orchards – This is an adorable family-friendly orchard with tons of cherries for picking. We had a great experience, and it was super affordable, too! 
  • Cave Point – This was a bit of a drive from Sister Bay, but so pretty. People love to jump off the cliff into the water. Or if you’re a scaredy cat like me, you can climb down to the water and camp out on some of the smooth rocks. It was gorgeous!
  • Ironwood Yoga – I LOVED this hot yoga place located right in the heart of Sister Bay. Classes are only $15 a piece and you can pre-register online. A great way to detox mid-vacation.


And of course, nothing beats laying on the beach in the sunshine. Door County temps hover right between 75 and 80 degrees in the summertime, so it’s not too hot. 


If you’re looking for an easy Midwestern getaway, this place can’t be beat.

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