The Month of Fit (and other updates)

Well, January ended quickly! I can’t wait for winter to be over, but I also need to take advantage of ‘sweater’ season to truly get in shape. Ever since moving back to Chicago (from Indy), it’s been a consistent struggle to workout with any consistency. I work in the agency world which means schedules are often unpredictable. It can also be a fairly high stress industry which has led me on many a late work night to opt for takeout and wine instead of hauling my butt to a treadmill and getting in a quick run.

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So, I hereby declare February the month of fit. And I’m putting it out here to make myself accountable. Making workouts and activity on a daily basis a ‘must-do’ and not a ‘might do’ or option. It’s got to be non negotiable. I spent much of January honing my meal planning skills and mastering eating healthy – it’s time to focus on the other 20% of the healthy equation.
I spent all of last week in New York for work and while I enjoyed every delicious bite and sip of my preferred extra dirty martinis, I came home feeling bloated, worn down, tired and lethargic. It’s been good to get back to my regular food regime and it’s high time I challenge myself to add gym time in to the equation. REGULARLY. Here’s what I would like to do:
  1. Hit the gym 5 times a week; two of which should be classes. I absolutely love Bodypump
  2. When possible, get outside and walk, even if it’s just for half an hour
  3. Start horseback riding again. It makes me feel alive and believe it or not, is a significant calorie burning activity
  4. Start the weekends with a workout. I mean just wake up and go. Every hour I sit on the couch on Saturday morning it becomes more and more unlikely that I will actually leave the house at all (winter, you feel me?). Plus, when I meet friends for drinks later on that evening, I have far less to feel guilty about.


We’re also working hard to get the new Sugar and Sage officially launched – aka – in our new layout and with our new logo. We took these new ‘About Us’ photos back in October and thought we would have the new logo and site to match in no time. We were so wrong. 
Jackie and I are both optimistic in general. Realistic is a different story. Life got in the way. But, I think we’re almost there and we are both so excited! We’re so looking forward to publishing the new look and feel of the site this month. 
It’s all about February!


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