Italy Recap Part 2: Rome

I can’t believe it’s already been almost six months since we got back from Italy. On the one hand, I remember it like it was yesterday. But on the other, it makes me itch for another trip! 
(And don’t worry, I journaled in great detail during my entire trip, so this post is still a good resource despite the fact that it took me forever to write it!

After the first leg of our trip in Positano, we stayed in Rome for two nights. We were worried we would want to stay for longer, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time for a few different reasons.
First, Rome is exhausting. There are SO many sights to see — you’re literally go-go-go all day. If you love art and history, then you might definitely want to extend your stay. But in our case, we wanted to hit the big stuff and then focus on absorbing the culture. Two days was the perfect amount of time to pick a handfulof key sights to visit.
Second, we live in a big city. Danny and I are much more enchanted by the Italian countryside than we are by big metropolitan areas, so a small taste of Rome was just enough.


Third, the food in Rome was not our fave. The pizza is amazing, but other than that, we thought the food everywhere else was better.

Keep in mind this is just our opinion, so take it with a grainof salt. We had a friend who studied abroad inRome that could not believe we only spent two nights there. But for us, it was the perfect amount of time!
My favorite part about Rome is the mix of ancient history and modern culture. Outdoor sights like the Pantheon (built in 126 AD!) and the Spanish steps are fun to hang by and experience.






We stayed in an Airbnb. I had never used Airbnb before, and booking in a foreign country was intimidating. But we did some research, talked to some friends and found the area we wanted to stay in, which was close to Campo de Fiori. Our Airbnb was perfect for what we wanted to accomplish in Rome – it was tiny, but in a good location. 

One thing we noticed immediately is that the people in Rome weren’t nearly as nice or friendly to Americans as they were in Positano. The language barrier became more noticeable (though we totally tried!), and we really felt foreign. 

We also walked everywhere. The weather was beautiful, and we had our walking shoes on, so we refused to take the train and stuck to our feet! I think this really helped us get a sense of the city and how the different neighborhoods fit together. 


Myfavorite story in Rome is when Danny and I went barhopping for our anniversary. After a nice dinner at Cajo e Gajo where I had the best Carbonara, we made our way through the windy streets and stopped for a drink. Since we’re naturally both dark-haired, the server must’ve thought we were Italian because he immediately started speaking Italian to us. Danny and I played along and nonchalantly commented with words we knew. We immediately got SO excited that he thought we were locals, and tried to continue to trick him while he waited on us. After we had finished our drinks and paid the check, all too smug that we had passed off as Italians, we were walking out of the restaurant and Danny all-too-confidently proclaims, “Adios!” Considering that Adios is not Italian, he had totally blown our cover. I just about died laughing.



  • From Positano to Rome – Roma Positano Shuttle was an easy-to-book shuttle service that picked us up directly from our hotel and took us to our next accommodation in Rome
  • From Rome to Florence – Train from Termini Station – Simply use the self-serve kiosk to buy your tickets. Trains leave pretty frequently, and you can check the schedule in advance online

Eat & Drink

  • Cajo e Gajo – This is a cute little spot, tucked away in the neighborhood. It was kind of tourist-y, but they were very welcoming and we had a great experience. We had pasta carbonara, pizza and calamari
  • Pizzeria Ai Marmi – This is in the cutest neighborhood. You will wait, but it’s worth it. We had the pizza (of course) plus some classic Rome appetizers like fried potatoes
  • Campo de Fiori – There are lots of cute spots in here to stop for a drink and snack. We went here multiple times. Great people watching!



  • Pantheon – Our favorite sight in Rome
  • Spanish Steps – Again, a great iconic sight – highly worth it
  • Trevi Fountain – This was under construction when we went, but looked beautiful
  • Vatican – A must-do, but overwhelming. DEFINITELY buy your tickets online in advance. You’ll save money and hours of time. Be sure to find the express line, otherwise you’ll wait forever! Also, it’s worth renting one of the audio guides so that you can better understand what you’re seeing
  • Colosseum – Obviously a must-do, but kind of anti-climatic for us. We also rented an audio guide here, which made it so much more interesting

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