Winter (Stave Off Seasonal Depression) To-Do List

It’s cold outside. It’s also very dark outside. A lot. There’s snow now, which can be pretty, but also makes getting around tough. I dream of the day I park in a garage and can kiss laboring with a window scraper goodbye. Let’s face it, winter kind of sucks. It makes me not want to leave the house. Like, ever.

The good news is, there are plenty of awesome and productive things to do from home to ensure you don’t slip into some kind of seasonal depression. Here are some things I’ll be doing to keep myself busy for the next few months.

  1. Pick a classic TV series and work your way through it, slowly. You know, the kind of show people are always referencing over drinks and you have no clue what they’re talking about? The West Wing, Sopranos, Wired and Dowton Abbey are all great options. I worked my way through West Wing a few years ago and loved every minute of it. 
  2. Make soup. This one is pretty obvious. Soup season is in full swing. Because, soup is basically the best. Filling, WARM and pretty healthy (steer clear of the heavy whipping cream!). Also, your leftovers typically just get tastier the next day. I’ll be trying my hand at this Creamy Leek Green Soup and this Spicy Feel Good Chicken Soup in the next few weeks. 
  3. Go on a spending freeze. No, this is not necessarily the most fun activity. In fact, it can be down right saddening. But trust me friends, you’ll only feel bummed out the first few times that you decline drinks with pals and you’ll feel down right delighted when you see the extra cash stacking up after a month. Use the funds to build up your savings account or up your 401K contributions — you won’t regret it
  4. Purge. I realize not everyone gets all the happy feels from throwing away un-needed items like I do. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. These chilly months are the perfect time to dedicate a morning to going through your clothes, shoes and accessories to evaluate those you truly love and part with those you never wear. Getting rid of stuff, even if it’s only a few items, will leave you feeling incredibly liberated. 
  5. Plan a girls getaway. Trip planning is just plain fun and it gives you something to look forward to. Talking about where you’re going to stay, eat and sun with pals will make the winter months fly by. We’re currently looking in to a long weekend in Charleston to soak up the architecture, indulge in Southern fare and just generally be strangers in a new city for a few days. The Everygirl’s guide to the city is a big help.
Take these few months spent indoors to generally just get sh*t done and before you know it, we’ll be all rose wines, salads, farmer’s markets and summer vacays!

(Image via Glitter Guide)

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