Making January Bright

This week is always a grind.

You eat, drink and laugh for two weeks with family and friends, and then find yourself with a long to-do list and too-tight jeans on quite possibly the hardest Monday morning ever.
Everyone talks about resolutions for the year, but to me, that seems a bit daunting. So I decided to take a different approach – one that mirrors my approach to the work week. Typically, I drag myself to the gym Monday and Tuesday back-to-back – no matter what – so that I can start my week out strong. I allow myself to pick between Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for my one weekday off, but not Monday and Tuesday – those are non-negotiable.

And I’m doing the same with January.

Instead of setting daunting goals for 2015 – like lose weight, save money, etc. – I’m setting more approachable goals for the month of January alone.

Goal One: Take a workout class at least once per week. Though I hit the gym regularly, I’m never as sore as I am after a workout class. I know that a teacher in a class will always push me more than I can push myself. So if I make a plan to hit a class once per week to supplement my four days at the gym, I should be feeling good in no time.

Goal Two: Get into work 30 minutes early. I really struggle to leave the office on time at the end of the day. Getting in early with some time to myself before the crowds get in might be just the extra time I need to make it home at a reasonable hour.

Goal Three: Finish this blog relaunch. Laura and I have been working to relaunch this blog since the summer. A website redesign and dozens of logo options later, we (mostly me) are still dragging our feet to finish the final touches. One more month should be just what we need to get it done!

Goal Four: Re-think my approach to healthy eating. The older I get, the less easy it is for me to stay in shape. I have to work harder than I ever have, and that means not splurging as much as I wish I could. To get myself on the right track, I’m starting January with the 21 Day Fix – a healthy eating system that helps you meal plan the right way. But if that’s too extreme, you could also try my favorite juice cleanse – three days and you’re done!

Goal Five: Plan at least one trip. We’re saving for a house, so we won’t be going back to Italy anytime soon. But there are a few different scrappy trips to check off our bucket list – whether visiting a friend in Denver or my sister in Brooklyn, or even just extending a business trip so Dan can meet me there.

What are you doing in January to start 2016 off right?

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