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3 Tips to Move Like a Pro

Our most recent move from Bucktown to River North marked my fourth move in four years. Moving SUCKS, no matter how many times you do it. But I have to say, despite a bunch of hiccups leading up to our move (seriously — lots), this last move went the smoothest.
I learned a few things, restrained a few old habits and in the end, was pretty proud of Dan and I for our walk-up-to-high-rise transition. And now, we truly could not love our place more.

Here are my tips if you also have a move coming up.

1. Be strategic about your packing schedule. Dan thinks I’m nuts, but I literally made a packing plan. And it worked! When you first start packing, it’s SO overwhelming. You take a step back and are like OMG WHERE DO I BEGIN.

Start in the kitchen. All of those breakables and glasses require patience and thoughtful wrapping — something you won’t have at midnight the night before you move.

2. Once you’re in, take it slow. I tend to be one of those people that gets my heart set on a plan and immediately wants to execute it. “This goes here, that goes there! No questions.” Except yes, questions. Allow yourself time to get a feel for the placement of your new place. Try the couch in different spots; think thoroughly about your wall hangings. Living in limbo for a few days stinks, but it may help you resolve an annoyance early on.

When we moved, I was DEAD SET on our TV being mounted. We were finally getting a wireless cable box, and I wanted a clean, cord-free look. Except when we moved in, we discovered that our bedroom door was right smack in the middle of where our TV would go. “We’ll deal,” I said, not wanting to change my plan. But then after thinking about it (and Dan subtly sharing his brighter idea) we ended up totally switching around what we had planned. And we love it.

Waiting a few days to make your final furniture arrangements can help you really get the most out of your space.


3. Know that moving is a marathon. While it’s definitely good to wait a few days to finalize your furniture placements (per tip #2), don’t let the process go for more than a few weeks. The more you get used to that box in the corner, the less likely it is to ever get unpacked.

Same goes for the ambitions you have for decor. If you’re like me, your mind goes wild on Pinterest before the move — plotting your wall hangings and pin-worthy nightstand set-up. But moving is exhausting, so chances are, after a couple weeks, you’ll be over it and not follow through. But do! Those things are so rewarding, and can really make your place feel like a home.

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