Juice Cleanse Confessions

Welcome to #juiceweek2014.
To jumpstart a reinvigorated healthy eating regimen, my coworkers invited me to join them in a three-day juice cleanse last week. I’m always up for a healthy eating challenge — and with my Hawaii trip in less than a week, I jumped at the chance to detox. 
Here’s how it works: For three days, you drink six juices a day — in a particular order — with tons of water and zero processed foods, dairy, coffee, alcohol, gluten or sugar. You can add lean proteins (fish, turkey) if you really need to. 
The cleanse itself is from Evolution Fresh. And while it’s not widely publicized, I did find a couple other healthy living bloggers (mostly from the West Coast) who had done the same thing I did — including the Simply Real Health Blog, whose tips I found incredibly helpful.
Our daily juice ritual: Drink your first juice when you wake up, and scatter the other juices throughout the day, drinking them 2-3 hours apart. And lots and lots of water. 
  1. Sweet Greens and Lemon
  2. Spicy Lemonade or Sweet Burn
  3. Essential Vegetable or Organic V
  4. Cucumber Pineapple Ginger
  5. Sweet Greens and Lemon
  6. Essential Vegetable or Organic V
Optionals: Replace the sixth juice with a light salad of greens, avocado, a drizzle of olive oil and fresh lemon juice. You can also snack on a handful of roasted almonds if you’re feeling really hungry.
To my surprise, my Doritos-loving husband volunteered to join me in this. And for three days, he stuck with it — until the end of the third day (post-dinner) when he declared his juice cleanse was officially finished and ate a bowl of oatmeal covered in brown sugar like it was ice cream.
The verdict? We both loved it. It was really challenging during those three days (especially the first day), but we both felt like it made us more motivated to eat a less processed, healthier diet moving forward. Even Dan admitted that his first day off the cleanse, he thought twice about eating a handful of his favorite chips — which, if you know him, is huge.


Juice Cleanse Confessions

Day One 
Super hungry all. day. long. We both thought it was incredibly hard — especially dinner. We opted for the light salad, and when that didn’t do, we desperately chomped down on raw veggies until we were full. It’s not that we don’t normally eat healthy, because we do (for the most part.) But we also normally enjoy a delicious dinner and go to bed with full bellies, so I think that was what we struggled with the most.
Maxing out on raw veggies probably wasn’t the by-the-books way to start a juice cleanse, but the thing we loved most about this experience is that Evolution Fresh emphasizes there are no rules. Your juice cleanse is your own ritual, and your experience tailored to you. So we like to think that first day of desperate hunger was just part of our journey.
Day Two
So much energy! Starting to feel great. Definitely less hungry. We were warned that we’d feel cold this day, but I felt pretty normal, with the exception of a headache (which I guess is a common side effect.) I reaaaallly looked forward to my evening salad, but didn’t feel compelled to max out on raw veggies afterwards. We drank our juice, had our salad and went to bed, totally content.
Day Three
While I admit I was excited to be almost done, I again did not feel ravenously hungry and had a lot of energy. I didn’t miss my morning coffee or crave any bad-for-you food. In fact, I found myself excited for my favorite juices of the day: Sweet Burn and Cucumber Pineapple Ginger. I enjoyed a salad during the day because we went out for a team lunch (it had greens, avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds and roasted turkey), and was shocked that I was totally fine with just a juice for dinner. Contrast that to my first night, needing to go to bed with a fully belly!
All in all a great experience that I’d definitely repeat. If you’re interested in following this same cleanse, you can find Evolution Fresh juices in your local Whole Foods.
Happy juice’ing!

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