8 Things Every Woman Should Have

Inspired by this recent post on Cupcakes and Cashmere, we thought we would bring you some different content that’s a little bit about ourselves, but can also get you thinking on how you would answer all of the below. It’s a fun exercise.

A go-to drink

Laura: Gin gimlet.
Jackie: Whiskey ginger (with a cherry, duh)

A go-to Karaoke song

Laura: I would not get up and sing Karaoke. I will leave that to Jackie.
Jackie: For my bachelorette party, it was ‘Baby One More Time.’ But normally it’s ‘Keep Bleedin’ Love’ by Leona Lewis. (I can rock it, I promise.)

A uniform

Laura: Belted, structured dresses (think 50’s or 60’s) in classic colors and pencil skirts. If it’s the weekend I’m in a boyfriend tee, jeans and cute flats.
Jackie: Dark skinny blue jeans, a loose blouse and killer heels. If I’m lounging, I’ll probably wear those same jeans, a thick sweater and my fav moccasins.

A hair style they love

Laura: Messy bun or pony tail.
Jackie: Straight and down. I’m boring, but my hair is naturally crazy big and wavy, so having it straight is a treat for me.

An exercise routine

Laura: A 3.5 mile interval run as many times a week as I make it to the gym.
Jackie: Not having a routine. I like to switch it up between regular cardio/weight lifting gym workouts, and fun classes like kickboxing, barre (try The Dailey Method, it’ll kick your butt) or hot yoga.

A hobby

Laura: Baking, cooking and blogging. I also live for my weekly horseback riding lesson where I am re-learning dressage and feeding my favorite horses carrots and apples.
Jackie: This blog, for sure. It gives me an outlet and holds me accountable to one of my biggest goals, which is to become a better cook.

A best friend

Laura: I have four dear friends, not including my sister, who mean the world to me. Pre-college (Jamie), College (Annie and Taylor), Post College (why, Jackie of course!)
Jackie: Considering I had two maids of honor, you can guess that I can’t choose one. So I’d have to go with all of my bridesmaid friends, because they’re the ish: my highschool besties (Marina and Lexi), my sister (Alex), my college bestie (Natalie) and of course, my blogging lady (Laura).

A healthy sense of self

Laura: I think this develops every day as we go to work, interact with people and simply grow up. Living alone has helped me focus on this a bit more as well. Overall, I want to be the best sister, most reliable friend, a kind stranger and a woman of grace.
Jackie: Obviously, at 26 years old, I’m a work in progress. But I’d say I push myself to be the best at my job, a loving wife/daughter/sister/friend and a woman of my word. I think there’s something to be said for women who make things happen for themselves, and that’s who I aim to be.

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