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Sunday Dinner Club: Pizza, Pizza!

My life has basically been insane all summer. If you’re ever wondering, “Oh, where’s Jackie been?” the answer is one of the following:

  1. Profusely writing thank you note number 3824723923
  2. Meeting with someone about something wedding-oriented
  3. Calling or e-mailing someone about something wedding-oriented
  4. Obsessing over all of the wedding decor options on Etsy
I’ve been kind of high-strung all summer. But that’s why God gives us friends, right?
One of my maids of honor recently helped pull me out of my wedding-planning cave by inviting me to the Sunday Dinner Club series. What’s that? I like this answer from their website:

The Sunday Dinner Club is an underground restaurant. But it isn’t really underground. And it’s not really a restaurant. And it’s not just on Sundays. 

In a nutshell, the Sunday Dinner Club (a.k.a. SDC) hosts dinner parties in a home setting in Chicago. (And it’s invite-only, which makes it even cooler.)
So after weaseling our way onto the mailing list in June, we were finally on deck to attend one of the exclusive July dinners: PIZZA! While it was painful for me to take a night off from wedding planning at first, I’m super glad I did. It was fun, unique and totally delicious.
Plus, it’s BYOB — always a plus. The MoH picked a fun one called “Handsome Devil.” I like the way she thinks.
She even let me embarrass her the whole time by taking photos of literally everything we did. (Literally, everything.)
Here’s what we ate: 

 Chilled Green Tomato Soup with Coriander, Cilantro Crema & Crispy Bacon Bits.

Eggplant Involtini with Fresh Chevre and Tomato Sauce.

Grilled Romaine with Aged Balsamic and Fresh & Pickled Cherries.
Are you drooling yet? Because here comes the good stuff: grilled pizzas!

Garlic Salami and Peas with Green Peppercorn and Creme Fraiche <– my favorite.

Margarita with Tomato, Basil and Fresh Mozzarella.

Shaved Zucchinni and Feta with Red Peppers, Castelvetrano Olives & Mint.
And I missed the last one (a.k.a. I was two glasses of wine deep and full, and didn’t feel like taking a photo), but it was a Spicy Pork Sausage and Grilled Sweet Onions with Arrabbiata Sauce and Melty Cheese.
I ate every slice. All of them, I tell you. I had my healthy mindset heading into this dinner, but as soon as that second glass of wine was poured and pizzas started coming out, I silently proclaimed (in my head), “WEDDING DIET IS OFF!!!” and enjoyed every last bite. 
So when they announced dessert, I was like, “BRING IT ON!!” (In my head, again.) 
So I did. And it was worth the calories.

Raspberry Italian Soda with Cocoa Nib Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: Cocoa Nib Chocolate Sandwich Cookies = HOMEMADE OREOS. 
Mind. Blown.

Just look at that filling.
We had a great time, ate some AMAZING food, met some new people and will for sure be back for more. 
How does one embark on an SDC experience, you ask? Learn more by visiting their website here. Also, stay tuned for the opening of their new restaurant in August: Honey Butter Fried Chicken.
Happy Monday!

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